[shap-uh-ral, chap-] 


"What's new?" you ask, good citizen.

Well, we are glad to report that we have been quite busy.  We are about to release our "Wilding EP" and will be celebrating it with a show at Aeronaut Brewery on 2.13.2016 (doors open at 6pm).

Be sure to check out the teaser for the EP.

In addition to that, we are heading back into the studio to record a few cuts.  If you're curious, check out our EP The Slowly Session—available on our "Listen" page (background information on the "Releases" page where you will also find some information on the forthcoming EP)—as you might be hearing a few new versions of a few of those tracks...

If you wish to contact us to book a show and/or are interested in writing a review, you may do so here.  If you wish to contact us to tell us that you don't like our music, you may do so here.